birthday girl


Guess who turned three today?


That tiny sunny baby, who made thing easy for her mama who was navigating a tricky two and a half year old at the same time.

The Brisbane toddler who adored renovating because it meant she could stomp in more mud than she could poke a stick at (and that too.)

The little girl who adores eggs and arrowroot biscuits, who didn't talk for ages and who now wakes up talking and doesn't stop all day. 

The one who adores her big brother and who calmly accompanies him to speech therapy and occupational therapy and physiotherapy and pretty much everywhere he needs to go. I'm blown away by her cooperation.

So that girl who loves dancing and her friends and the pink gecko she takes to bed with the same deep passion with which she hates cockroaches is now three. 

The same girl who stands at the front door and yells "HELP" to see how many people she can get to stop on the street outside.

Can't wait to see what kind of three year old she will be.

Happy birthday to my divine Matilda Daisy. You make our lives more fun.



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