blue yonder



The wind has died down and the trees are all still standing and we're wandering off for a few days. 

One of the things about Adman that I love most of all is the way he cherishes his friends. I've never met anyone else who has as many old friends as he does. And there's a gathering of them this weekend, in Armidale.

It's a long way to go with small children for a handful of days, but I'm excited as he is. They're an absolutely awesome bunch and I cannot wait to hug them all. And there's the bonus of being able to visit Nonny and Papa too!

So we've handed over the care of the animals to a wonderful neighbour and the alarm is set for early morning. 

I'll drop by with a postcard or two over the weekend, (as long as we stay out of hospital this time!)

Hope you're keeping your hats on, friends, and there's tea in the pot. It's not a bad week, if that's the case. 


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