building up little people’s appetites

MAY09 022

Henry and Tilly exploring with two of our favourite explorers, Sebastian and Ashley

Some people have small children who sit down for dinner and eat a plate of lean protein and vegetables. That's awesome. I don't. What about you?

If my two eat all their dinner it's due to a rare cosmic balance of right food/ right time/ not too tired/ no snacking/ not too many drinks and having done lots of jumping and running and dancing to build up an appetite. 

Although I respect the motivation, I'm not actually a big fan of the Jessica Seinfeld school of hiding vegetables in "more appetizing" foods. I reckon let kids get a good look at vegetables. They might look at them for two years before they finally stick a fork in a carrot without you asking them to, but I really think that's how we build food knowledge and vocabulary and an interest in cooking. 

And what about snacking? 

Here are our snack boxes for today, which basically took my two from morning tea through lunch (we were out.)

Wed13may 004

Bit of watermelon, pretzels, vegemite and cheese sandwich, raisins, and a little corner (always the first eaten) of olives, cherry tomatoes and pickles. 

I'd really love to know what your kid's favourite snacks are! Please comment! 

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