bummer of a confession

If you drop in here, you might get the impression I'm all down with the homesteading. Got a bit of a garden, do a bit of cooking, know my way round a sewing machine. Pretty green. The baby appears to have an amber necklace on. Buddhist tendencies, hippy inclination.

And I have a guilty secret. Disposable nappies. 

Not just now, for the third babe. *Cough*. All three.

You know, when we were having Henry, I canvassed the options, as you do. I asked the greenest person I knew (my sister in law) what she thought. I read up a bit. And I took the road most travelled, and went with disposables. Usually eco disposables, but we're kinda clutching at straws there. 

It's always bothered me and I've occasionally made enquiries and talked to a few friends using cloth; always mad keen advocates.

It was only when Ivy came down with a terrible rash this week that I remembered Tilly had reacted to the same nappies (Ivy is currently in Huggies.) Turns out Ivy's rash is viral (poor wee thing) and nothing to do with the nappies, but in the meantime I had poked around my linen cupboard and found a stack of terry cloth nappies I use for everything else other than on bottoms. 



I found some safety pins and two pairs of 1970s plastic pants that I bought at an op shop for 50c and we were away.






Yeah I think we might need the help of Youtube, Ives. I've stuffed that up. 




And with the help of Youtube I now know how to fold a good old fashioned terry nappy. And that apparently plastic pants have been superceded by nappy covers, which look like they might work a bit better. (I've just ordered a couple via eBay to try.) 

Notwithstanding the amateur-hour effort above, once I had her in a cloth nappy it felt really good. I like them, philosophically. 

And for heavens sake, my mother had quads in cloth nappies. I'm embarrassed to think one child might be too much work. 

And for the record, Adam and I agree on most things. This idea, he thinks, is completely insane. 


P.S. Tilly toilet trained at two and Ivy is starting to tell me if she's pooey. It's very late in the game, really. Better late than never?

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