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Hello! Big election weekend in Australia – if you missed it, we just exercised our democratic right to elect the federal government. 'Cept (hang it, you all know I'm a feminist leftie) people actually voted for a Coalition government (I would never have believed it) headed by a backward thinking right wing jack rabbit. I might have to move to New Zealand. We're looking at a hung parliament at present. Come ON postal voters, do your thing! Come ON Julia – negotiate!

It's all very depressing.

What's not depressing is CUPCAKES!

For the P&C stall at the polling booths at school on Saturday.

I took: all organic apple cakes;



and really very delicious lemon and passionfruit cakes!


While I was making the cakes, I put the lovely Ivy down just outside the kitchen on her rug:


And being a self-sufficient third child, she took advantage of the peace and quiet and made it nap time.


Also while I was baking, Tilly decided to make herself a dress.


Needs more sticky tape, Mum.



And after witnessing Henry's crestfallen face as I boxed up every last one of the lemon and passionfruit cupcakes, I made some more.

I'm delighted with this recipe, was even happier with the second batch, but am in between a late night bath for smallest Walmsley and doing some very late night bookkeeping for a friend's business so will come back and post the recipe for these tomorrow!

Hope you had a tasty/relaxing/creative weekend!




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