Call me anytime


Did you hear that Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman were interrupted on stage in New York during a tense theatrical moment by a ringing mobile phone? 

The video has just been released, although my main question is who was taking this footage anyway?

There was a bit of talk around the office today of the video and we all swapped stories of disaster phone-ringing moments. 

Someone was in church once and the minister's mobile rang. He fished it out of his vestments and answered it briefly. After ending the call he said to the congregation, 'That was God. He said to tell you it's good to see you all here today.'

Someone else heard of a guy giving a eulogy at his Dad's funeral and the phone in his suit pocket rang. Without missing a beat he answered it, "Hi, Dad. Yep, we're all having a good time, thanks."

I remember my Dad being at a cattle auction and the auctioneer, an old mate of his, was taking bids via the phone and pushing the price of the stock up until his phone actually rang. True story.

My other true story is of a very very dear friend of mine, sitting next to me at the Belvoir Street Theatre about 10 years ago, watching Cate Blanchett, Richard Roxborough and Noah Taylor in Chekov's The Seagull (not a light and fluffy play) and her phone rang. 

Of course it was in the bottom of her bag. And she totally couldn't get it to turn it off. Mainly because her hands were shaking and her eyes were dimmed in panic. She remains nameless because I am quite sure she agonises about that damn ringing phone to this day. The actors stopped (it's a small theatre) and finally it stopped ringing. It was really awful. 

Has your phone ever rung at a bad moment? I wonder what the worst moment would be…


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