Camping. With small children. In Winter. By a river.

Hello! Per title, it doesn't make sense that I'm so excited about this coming long weekend. But I really am!!

Perhaps we should take a before and after shot?

(And I did see Adam sneaking in quite a large bottle of whisky.)

We're off super early tomorrow morning for a weekend of adventuring at the Cox's River, Blue Mountains. We're camping with a very big group of old friends so it's bound to be hilarious. Or disasterous. Will report back!

A few moments today that I wish I'd photographed:

1. The kids sitting quiet as mice on the floor of the blood test place I had to troop them off to this morning, both staring bug-eyed at the fabulous needle-lady who boisterously threatened to sick a needle in any child who moved in the next 5 minutes. 

2. Tilly, who is very newly putting words together, patting Henry comfortingly on the back when he fell over, saying to me, "just patting, no whacking." 

3. Henry ignoring his dinner (again) and setting up a full meal of play food and play cutlery on the dinner table while Ad and I were distracted, and pretending to eat that instead.

I hope you all have a LOVELY weekend, I'll be back here Monday night (and back with visuals Tues or Wed!) Thanks for your comments too, I love reading them!!


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