What do you do when you've got a list of jobs a mile long? 

You make a slightly silly but pretty cap for a baby. Who doesn't really need a cap given it's late Spring and she needs a HAT for the sun. 

But anyway.

It was fun.

She's such a gorgeous pudgy pudding this baby.


I would have undoubtedly benefited from using a pattern. 

But where's the fun in that?

I think it needed to be a bit longer over the ears…

I think I'll go again. Longer. Maybe look for a pattern.

Because there's no point getting onto the to-do list till the very last minute, right?

Other highlights of today:

** My little man declared that he would (for the first time) walk himself into school. I stood next to the car and watched him marching in the gate. He turned around and waved. Gulp. Cue a few tears (mine, obviously.)

** I met the Country Manager for Nuffnang who I do my little bit of advertising with – lovely fellow. Relatively unruffled by a small breast feeding incident. (Could I just go to ONE meeting without needing to breastfeed? One might call that bad planning.)

** Tilly learnt a magic trick today. She sat on my lap and shouted "ABRACA-ZEBRA!" and made a marble appear in my ear. Any second now she's going to join the circus.

Hope you had a day of highlights. 

Anyone got a cap pattern?





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