I love people who care about stuff. Gung ho, you know? 

I've always been impressed (read: influenced) by people who are vocal, who do, who take something they love and really run with it. Greenies. Lefties. Nutters. My favourites.

So this photo of Ivy is completely gratuitous. Just because I like seeing relaxed babies napping outdoors. I actually wanted to direct you, in case you hadn't seen it yet, to the Body Shop campaign on child sex trafficking. 

Honestly, it's a bit like everything, I don't know how much difference one person can make. But here I am making a bit of noise about it on their behalf, and if that acheives anything, then good. 

I have lots of friends who care about stuff, I'm very lucky. One works for Body Shop and brought me the hand cream and luggage tags from this campaign and talked about what they were trying to achieve. (Which is stamping out the trafficking of children.)

Have a look. Please, sign the petition online or in your nearest Body Shop. Buy the hand cream. 

And tell me what moves you. For me, the utter vulnerability of children undoes me. 


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