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Hello! If you've checked in here the last couple of days and found the site down, it was! Dammit! My apologies, a technical glitch. Thanks for coming back. 

Early this morning we saw off my beloved sister Naomi and family for another six months – they live overseas and we're very lucky they visit often. I always miss them terribly when they go and don't feel much like talking.

But today turned into a lovely day: we hosted another workshop on the farm, this one was all about growing and harvesting and processing coffee, "Bean to Barista", and it went very well, we had a lot of fun (we always do) and we met a bunch of totally lovely people all into home grown coffee, small acre mixed farming and good food. It was great fun. 

But perhaps I jinxed it when I said nobody got sick…KABAM, down I've come with a dreadful headcold. 

So I'm putting myself to bed with a mug of hot lemon, ginger and honey and The Best of Jackie French (she's so awesome) and a diverting picture of our kitten. This cat took precisely two minutes to convert Adam and I from total dog people into kitten slaves. We adore it. 




Unless it's not a headcold but a dreadful allergic reaction. That would be a shame. 

Hope your head is clear. 


3 Comments on “cat lady

January 4, 2014 at 10:03 pm

Rest up Mrs WW. Not easy I know with three juniors, a thriving business and a farm to look after! I hope it’s not a bit of a cat allergy in there though…I can imagine that little feline minx has been getting lots and lots of cuddles. She is rather beguiling!

knutty knitter
January 5, 2014 at 1:50 pm

I am horribly allergic to cats. I have a cat (only one at present that is). The thing is to cuddle and put up with the reaction for a few weeks and then it goes away but only with the cats you are exposed to.

I love my cats

viv in nz

January 6, 2014 at 12:21 am

I love reading jackie french. Her books are just so ‘you do it like this, its easy’ you feel like planting one of everything. Hope the cold is better 🙂


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