Kid’s health

how we become parents

It's not all about the birthing. Or the nursing or the sleeplessness or the timeless, endless juggle. Actually for me it's not about that at all.  It's about the yards, really, the hard yards. And if you'd told me in the beginning that holding a sick child would be a […]

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who is feeding the children?

  We were at The Big Banana in Coffs Harbour last week, such a hoot, and took the kids back a couple of days later to the water slide park they have there. Also a hoot. More so for Tilly who tore down the biggest slides possible while Henry was […]

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slow learner

You know, I talk a lot.  I can probably really go on about stuff sometimes.  And notwithstanding everything I know and have learnt (mostly the hard way), I can still be bloody stoopid sometimes. Like today. When Henry and Tilly were going BESERK at playgroup and I was thinking they […]

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the fun police

Something my friend Estelle wrote in my comments on an earlier post today made me stop and think: am I a Food Nazi?  Estelle was commenting on the effect of food colouring on the output of children (oh yes, in so many ways), and I was thinking about Henry's birthday […]

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