Medieval food

One Medieval Mess

This is a sponsored post. Which means Nuffnang paid me to write it. Every thought and comment in it though, are mine. I agreed to write it because I actually use the product I’m talking about. Just so you know!   Really, I can make some mess in the kitchen. And as […]

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the medieval kitchen

My lovely boss bought in the MOST divine chocolate brownies today. He gets them at the Eveleigh markets and they are to die for. Belgian chocolate, all fudgey and gooey. Our small staff stood around and munched together and groaned in delight and I thought to myself (again): another reason […]

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what do you know

By the time you get here, mid thirties, and maybe you've travelled around a bit and met lots of people (I love people), you realise that everyone's got something they know about.  I've met people that know lots of stuff about science (my brother in law Owen). Some that know […]

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