Slice of Wednesday: Strawberry Coconut Slice

  I don't have a blogging schedule. I don't have a plan. It's all pretty freestyle. (You can tell, I know. Thanks.) 'Cept this Slice of Wednesday business. I didn't even give it any thought when I decided to commit to a slice a week. And how much fun is this?! I find myself looking […]

Lazy lady

Some people cook with a recipe most of the time. Some people never use recipes and just wing it.  I have to admit to supreme dorkdom: I memorize recipes. Always have. I carry quite a lot around in my noggin, most of them very basic, Country Women's Association-type recipes. This one, it is actually called […]

Chocolatey Awesomeness

I've blogged this slice previously, without a photo. And it's so damn yummy I had to make it again and am hoping a photo will inspire you to try it! It's dead easy and quick. Awesome with an espresso! No Nutella this time (I didn't have any) and it's still as good. Here's the recipe […]