nut butters

You know I'm a big fan of the homemade peanut butter. BIG fan.  I had some leftover nuts this week and we've run out of the above ("we've" being Tilly and I: the boys are vehemently averse to peanut butter of any incarnation.) So I dumped a variety of nuts into my […]

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making your own hummus

You'd never believe it, after sitting around looking over my left-hand-side new-things-to-do list for how long now? I'm finally plowing through it.  Today: awesome hummus!! I've made hummus before, probably most of you have, it's pretty straightforward. I was once responsible for making the condiments at a cafĂ© in Glebe about […]

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the humble sausage roll

     Another quite unattractive food, really.  But oh so yummy. Homemade sausage rolls. With tomato sauce. An Australian kids birthday party is incomplete without them.  My divine godson Sebastian turned 6 a few weeks ago. 6!! Goodness me. He had a spectacular Star Wars themed party complete with R2D2 […]

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Healthy, dairy-free muffins

I have a beloved godson, actually I have three + one beloved goddaughter, but I digress… one beloved small friend who can't have any dairy or he grows a second head. Or his ears fall off. Or something. DISCLAIMER: I am not making fun of people with food intolerances. Some […]

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Dougie’s to-die-for Guacamole

My very grown-up and wonderful six year old nephew Dougie had dinner at my house a few nights ago and earnestly recited a recipe from memory that he had seen being made (on Playschool) and that he thought I might like.  More than anything I loved the fact he gave […]

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What's a weekend for if not to make scones and, more importantly, to sit and eat them with jam and cream with people you love?  My scone recipe came from my darling friend Angela Thompson who I knew when she was Hyslop, in fact who I knew when she was […]

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