Over here we are…

.. lying low .. raising tadpoles   .. hosting visiting friends and family   .. happy to have finished at least some of the Christmas sewing on time!   .. and we're talking about Santa's visit and eating leftovers! We had a lovely Christmas lunch here yesterday for extended family. There […]

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Huh?! Real children eating real broccoli?

  Well OK, not ACTUALLY broccoli, but broccoli soup! (Or: what do you cook when all that's left in the fridge is a couple of heads of broccoli that might not be fresh enough to steam?)     Broccoli Soup. Even kids will eat it.   Ingredients:   1 onion, […]

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sunshine in a dress

My 2 year old Tilly doesn't wear many dresses. She's a big old tomboy, however you cut it.  She likes jeans and Henry's old trousers (that don't get in her way when she's climbing walls) and plain long sleeved t-shirts, her favourite being covered in paint. Permanent paint. But Gran […]

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