eating for energy

I have a tired boy. And it's actually not Henry. (Although by the end of last term he was officially cactus, and I kept him home from school one day in the second last week. Fatigue does apparently come as part of Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome, we're figuring out ways to help minimize it.) No, […]


Saturday brunch: homemade grainy toast with grilled haloumi, eggplant and field mushrooms with coriander. So delicious. See, you don't need bacon! (Can someone tell Henry?) Have a wonderful weekend, gorgeous people.  xxx

Vegetarian “Sausage” Rolls

Really. So good. And no need for any animal to die for you to totally get the sense of a sausage roll! (Am I about to discover sausage rolls are really an Australian-ism?) Anyway, I made these up initially for Henry's birthday party. They were OK – I made them creamier with sour cream and […]

Roast tomato and rocket quiche recipe

Do you eat your leftover quiche warm or cold? I like it warm. Adam likes it cold. This one I'm pretty happy with so thought you might like it too! INGREDIENTS 2 cups plain flour 125g butter, chopped 3 eggs yolks 3 tblsp water 4 large tomatos 4 (more) eggs 2 tblsp ricotta 1½ cups […]

Vegetarian Pad Thai recipe

I was out for lunch with my workmates this week – my farewell lunch, thanks fellas! – and one of the guys was saying that he just couldn't imagine facing dinner every night with no meat.  Actually, I know what he means. Previously when vegetarian friends have come for dinner I've racked my brains for […]

feeding small children (or Part 2 of 2: Flawed)

It's hard, right? And anyone with children under six who says * oh my children eat absolutely everything  * dinnertime is always such a relaxing time of day * I satisfy my creativeness in the kitchen and my children play quietly somewhere else while I'm cooking is a cyborg.  Really, they are. If you know […]

Meat-free May

I wasn't actually planning on writing a post about Meat-Free May because when it first appeared as a to-do idea on my "new things" list (over there in the left hand column under the books) I had quite a lot of feedback about how totally daft it was to do when pregnant.  While I appreciated […]