Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome

all about the boy

We had a trip back to Sydney today, Henry and I.  We scooted up early this morning to see his specialist speech therapist and pediatrician who we're checking in with every few months.  What a fabulous day.  We got there early and swanned around a big brightly lit shopping centre […]

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this moment

{this moment}: A Friday tradition with Soulemama. Grab one moment from this week (if you're not too busy being in the moment!) One that you just want to hang onto and not forget. And if you're a blogger playing along, please leave your link! I'm going to disobey the rules just […]

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the spin

I have, on occasion, been accused of 'spinning' and I don't mean as in wool and lovely creaky old machinery. I have, on occasion, gotten to the end of my story and someone, usually a sister, will say: yes OK, now give me the non-spin version please. When you're a […]

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The Clinic

My little dude has a genetic condition called Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome which I first mentioned here. Part of this deal is a sub-mucal cleft palate which is a fancy way of saying his speech is a bit hard to understand, notwithstanding almost three years of speech therapy (and the […]

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