christmas spirit

Something very very unexpected arrived in the post today. 



It was a letter for Henry. From Santa. 

Now I might be the last one in on this. Maybe everyone knows that if you write to Santa he writes back. 

I sure didn't.

Henry wrote a letter last week:


Henry Santa Letter


He wrote it completely unassisted (i.e. without me neurotically correcting spelling.) 

He started with his name because he wanted to, and added  two k's for good measure. No, I don't know why either. 


Dear Santa

for Christmas I would like

    zoo zoo pet

    ben 10 toy

    go go crazy bones

Love Henry


We put it in an envelope and he wrote on the front:

"Santa Claus,

North Pole"

We put a stamp on it and he posted it.

Then he gets this, from here.



I think I was about as excited as he was.





It was quite a long letter, warbling on about how much Santa loved Australia, please leave out a sausage for him on Christmas Eve etc. All pretty cute. 

One six-year-old here is beside himself with excitement about Christmas. 

And it's only December 2nd.


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