cooking the books

Hello hello!! It's 10pm and I'm halfway through cooking a huge bolognaise and raspberry muffins and choc chip biscuits to take with us to a family holiday house up on the Hawkesbury River, tomorrow morning. 

The house belongs to our friend Roo's family, his grandparents I think, and there's no electricity or running water from what I understand. But apparently it has a fantastic kitchen. Awesome!

Our friends are doing the adult catering and I'm doing kids. 

So if this is disjointed, apologies: it's because I keep leaping up to take something out of the oven and stir a pot!

Anyway, I'm going to share with you another of my weaknesses. I know, I have so many. And this one is serious

Thurs28 001

Cookbooks. So many. And this is only the beginning…

Thurs28 002

It's a real problem. And in the spirit of full confession, this doesn't even include the ones I'm currently cooking from:

Thurs28 003

There they are, on top of the microwave. 

In the scheme of things though, cookbooks, although prolific, really only scratch the surface of my problem…

Thurs28 006

I love love love these gorgeous shelves, they go right to the ceiling, right up the stairs. And the kids and I spend a lot of time sitting on these stairs;

Thurs28 007

reading cookbooks, of course.

I'll be back Sunday night; have a lovely weekend everyone!

P.S. Please email me your kids favourite dinners so I can add them to the "REAL kids favourites" in the right hand menu.



2 Comments on “cooking the books

Suzie B
May 29, 2009 at 10:03 am

Still laughing that you finally admit your obsession with books. Does that mean you’ve slowed down in the purchasing of them? Ad will be pleased :O) BTW, I love the bookcase on the stairs!

April 30, 2010 at 4:25 pm

HI Fi. I can’t believe this post was a year ago! What?! Please send me a copy of that photo of the bookcase on your stairs as I’d like to do something similar in our renos… thanks…


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