creative space?


The problem with my creative space is that it is shared. 




I don't even mean with small people, although it is, and precious papers run the risk of being swiped off the desk and adapted into craft, and if I ever make the mistake of leaving pins at desk-height, well…

My creative space is right alongside my workspace. I mean that I have one long desk with a computer at one end and a sewing machine at the other. And right now, every time I sit down, I may look longingly at the machine, but it's the computer that gets the attention.

I'm in (I hope) the final month before launch of this project mentioned earlier, and will be sharing with you very soon! It's taking up most of my creative space.

Along with a major project, there are a few small projects on the go:


Bunting intended for Ivy's birthday which might be made in time for Henry's. Shame it's really not very boy-like. Ah, whatever. 




Kids' paintings which are about to be made into something else. Watch this space! Although probably not that closely. I'm not known for my promptness.

And in other creative news:



Our neighbours are away and we've been looking after all their animals for a few weeks. We'd avoided telling them that we thought one of their chickens had been taken by the fox, and then it reappeared today with some new additions!

Great excitement all around. 

We still had the whole set up from the last chickens in the garage, so Adam took them up to get set up, and unfortunately two excited small people let the mother hen out. And she vanished, we assume back to wherever her secret nest is and possibly to more hatching chicks? Adam and another neighbour looked and looked and we couldn't find her. So rather than leave the chickens in the garage in the cold (DAMN it's cold here right now – and the lamp that had been set up in the garage isn't working) they are in a box in front of our fire and we are hoping for the best. 

(Contrary to this photo they are covered, for the record.)


cheep cheep cheep

Many more inspiring creative spaces over here

Hope you are having a lovely week, lovely folk!


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