day off

Yesterday, in fact. Usually a work day but had a scheduled physiotherapist appointment so worked today instead. So, a day off! Henry at school and Tilly at daycare. Deeeeep exhalation of breath. 

And off to Spotlight to see if I could track down more of that lovely bird fabric in Tilly's skirt… nope, sold out. But they think they'll get more in and if they do I'm going in for all of us!!!

Anyway, found a few other treats (have I just outed myself as a TOTAL dork? a day off and I'm happily wandering around a budget fabric shop?)

 That top one is a gorgeous muslin, I'm thinking baby wraps…


And the bright stripes is a soft, soft flannel, for PJ pants for Miss Tilly…


Ooh and some ric rac, maybe for the bottom of the next skirt…


And these are going to become number 20 on my left-hand-side new things list!


And one of the most lovely things about a day off? A slow, relaxed lunch. Although I'm quite fond of the work lunch, wandering around with my fabulous work buddies searching out sandwiches and stir-fries. But at home, alone, it's very peaceful. A good moment for these:

Corn cakes with sweet chilli, tomato and avocado salsa.

I didn't make these specially, just for myself. I had the mix from dinner two nights before.

In my corn cakes, if anyone wants to know:

2 cups plain flour

1 dessertspoon baking powder

2 eggs

1 cups milk

1 tblsp melted butter

1 chopped red capsicum

2/3 cup sliced spring onions

1/2 cup fresh chopped basil and coriander

corn off 4 freshly cooked cobs 

Mix it all up. Whack them in a frypan. Serve with sweet chilli sauce and a bit of salad.

So fresh and yummy.  

This recipe is a mashed version of Bill Granger's corn fritters (a tad too frittery for me) and my favorite Nigella flapjack recipe.  

It was such a relaxing day I somehow managed to end up with a migraine. And of course no medication for a pregnant lady. Pretty happy about that really. 

Anyway, got a bit of relaxed and therapeutic knitting done before the headache hit, which I'll share over the weekend. 

Hope you had a wonderful week and have a fun long weekend planned if you are an Australian celebrating ANZAC day. 

See you over the weekend!


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