dearly beloved

First, an apology. I should never promise to post and then not do it. I'm sorry if you wasted even a second dropping by here to find me out to lunch. 

Ah, Armidale. So far, and so worth it. 

We're lucky the smallies are total troopers in the car, playing endless eye-spy mixed up with a bit of portable DVD action and the Cars soundtrack on the stereo. It's a long day each way (10 hours) but actually quite fun. I got some knitting done and there's the massive appeal of Adam, trapped, and just so eager to listen to a hundred new harebrained plans. (As long as we stop semi-regularly for good strong coffee.)

The friends who gathered this last weekend are old friends. Some are Adam's preschool buddies. Some couldn't make it to the last high school reunion and they agreed to get the core group of friends together this year to celebrate turning 40, even though some (Adam) don't, until next year. 

So it was a festival of forty. 

And so wonderful. I was so happy to be there. We had a lovely grown up dinner one night and a BBQ the next day. I didn't photograph everyone, but I caught a few which I'll share. These are faces of dear friends, and their kids who as you know, are even dearer. 



Fest8 Fest4



Fest5 Fest6

Fest15 Fest16





And guess who's thinking about walking all by herself?

First steps taken on the weekend just before she turns one. 

Fest9 Fest10

Do you have school friends who you're still close to? 

I don't think I know anyone who has as many as Adman. And who are truly awesome people, not just people he's known for ages. 

Everyone should be so lucky. 


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