different-country cousins

I don't know about you, but cousin-ness has always been a special relationship in my family.

I have lots of cousins and I love love love them. I love seeing them at weddings, Christmas, christenings. I've never lived close to many of them, we're always spread out, but it just spreads out the love, right?

So I'm really happy my kids have cousins. Awesome ones. 

Henry is less, shall we say, engaged with his cousins than Tilly who loves them all passionately. She followed Jim (above) around all Christmas, wait for me, Jim! until he found he could shut her up by reading her a story. Or making one up to the pictures. 

Here is Henry attempting to get into my sister Suzie's car as they were leaving Gerringong. No one is buying that disguise, dude.


My kids are lucky to have a cousin just around the corner, Stella, who may only just be learning to walk but is shaping up to be a great deal of fun a.k.a. mischief if grins and the desire for high velocity swinging are anything to go by:


And then there are our beloved Germany based family who left Australia today and we are all just a bit sad about farewelling… most of all Tilly. 

Actually most of all me.



I miss them horribly when they go.

Tomorrow I'll just remember all the excellent fun we had while they were here, but tonight it's just that they're not. 

Cup of tea, perhaps.



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