I blame that sweet baby. 

I cannot focus on anything today (except your funny comments on what you think of greying women.)

I also blame the absence of caffeine. 

Even when I was pregnant this last time I had the odd (*cough*, not so odd) espresso, formerly being really very dependent. But there are a few things which seem to upset wee Ivy – coffee, chocolate, garlic, chilli. Shame, hey? 

Nonetheless I love love love breastfeeding (again) so am happy to give up stuff I don't need anyway!

So today I'm trying to clear my mind with chamomile tea and concentrate on the good stuff. 

~ The joy of friends:


~ A quiet place to play:


~ Settled, sleepy babies:


So: the good stuff 'round you today?


One Comment on “distracted

September 13, 2010 at 4:36 am

Being home from a wonderful holiday, laundry on, (isn’t it lovely how as soon as the washing machine is running, you feel like progress is being made? That’s when I can sit down.) And grand plans to sort this place out and sell it. Time for a bit more garden and a guest bedroom!

Also, bellies full of happy, wonderful, wholesome-ish home cooking. (Does it count if you get the corned beef out of a tin? I fiddled lots with it, and fried eggs, and microwaved peas. And made toast. Home cooking, Sue-style.) Delightful as meals out are, they feel self-indulgent, and just dont compare to sitting at your own table with your own little family, all eating the same thing.


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