dresses for girls



I think Matilda may be the least girly three year old in the history of girls. So not girly. When she dresses herself, which is usually, she wears her brother's clothes. Or at least his old attractive beanie. 


However, the skirts that I've made for her previously are actually the most worn things she owns. I think she knows I made, people like them, and turns out she can still run and climb and wreak havoc in them. 

So I made her a bit of a girly dress. 



I'm only just figuring out sewing, and I was optimistic about a pattern from a brand called 'Simplicity'. Didn't let me down. This was quick and easy – I made it last night in a couple of hours. It's Simplicity 2377 if you're interested. 



Sweet and little girly. I love a wee elasticized neck and arms. And am expecting it to not show the dirt until at least after breakfast. (Although right this moment it's drying over the dolls house after a bathing-the-doll incident.)




Ah, ric rac. My favourite sewing accessory.



Next up on the sewing machine (quite possibly at the expense of getting the book club book finished): these baby shoes


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