Easter awesomeness


OK, so hands up who has foil from those little Easter eggs in their teeth. 

Don't leave me out here on my own. 

Really? Only me?

In other news: we're going CAMPING!!! Tomorrow morning. For the Easter weekend. Super duper excited. Kids too, unsurprisingly.

So I'm packing up, (you'll be pleased to know we have an air mattress in the bag!) and looking forward to some big clean cold air. 

I'll be back here on Monday, hoping you all have a marvellous Easter weekend. 

One last little work in progress:

 A skirt for Tilly. Bad light. The colours are SO fun. Will finish hopefully on Monday night and admire it on my wee sweetheart next week. She's loving it, keeps attempting to try it on, pins notwithstanding. 

Happy Easter – I hope yours is full of soft squishy delicious hot cross buns and soft squishy delicious family. 

And chocolate eggs without foil.


One Comment on “Easter awesomeness

April 2, 2010 at 2:35 am

Ohhhh, make me one?????? Can’t wait to see Tilly loving her wonderful skirt.

And how awesome is Easter parenting?! Henry’s been given 5 chocolate things so far, as well as making rice krispie nests with choc eggs on top- brought home 12 of those bad boys, and the marvellous mum he made them with said they have a little too much “baby lick” on them to be shared outside the family. Fabulously responsible of me not to let him make himself sick on all that- at what age do you start letting them get sick, and stop eating most of their chocolate?

I really think that most of the dears who gave him big eggs with little eggs inside actually intended that Dave and I would eat them.

Love your weekend, my dear. Take it easy.


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