Easter camping part 1

Camping in the Blue Mountains. Totally utterly beautiful…


…at all times of the day. 

This wee uninhabited hut (above) was across the hill from our campsite. We looked at it first thing in the morning and late in the afternoon and it always looked different. What a spot.

This one too (below), on our drive in and out of the campsite, was deserted, elderly and fabulous. ("Fabulously drafty", Adam mutters as I stop to take a photo of another old house/shed/shearer's hut. He is very accommodating.)

 For a tree-lover, there is nothing like a National Park.

Yep, I know that sounds completely obvious but I live in a big hurly burly city! I forget these things!


Even for a confirmed non-morning person with no espresso machine (this wasn't glamping), views from the camp like this one would inspire the sleepiest head. With the best bed hair. 

Then there's just the fun of hanging out with friends you really like. 

And just sitting around admiring your own toenails. 

The real meditative fabulousness of camping. Particularly over a long weekend with no rushing, no running late, nowhere to be but right here in this chair. 

So happy.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. 

More tomorrow!  



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