Easter camping part 2

Easter egg hunt! 

Confession: we actually did this a day early – on Saturday. 

We were in the middle of nowhere, how were the kids to know?! 

And it was pretty much selfishly driven: the sooner we organised an egg hunt, the sooner there would be chocolate eggs in the esky for us all to nibble on!

There's been a lot of discussion over the last few days on Facebook about how many chocolate eggs are OK to give kids. We ran a hunt with LOTS of eggs then collected them all back up and gave them one each. Pretty tough love. The eggs were then doled out very occasionally over the next few days and at the rate we're going my kids will still be getting one egg a day until Christmas. 

There's one school of thought that says give the kids all the eggs (i.e. a reasonable number), let them eat them all then run around and burn it off. 

If I gave my kids a whole bunch of chocolate all at once they'd go crazy. They're quite happy with this arrangement. It's like birthday party lolly bags. The kids have a couple of sweets then the bags go away up in the cupboard (on a designated shelf) and they can have a couple of sweets a day until they're gone. 

People might roll their eyes at this tactic but it works for us!

Besides, it also meant a fairer distribution between the kids – mine were a tad more focussed on the egg retrieval than our friends!



 Not the Easter bunny…
 But this is the Australian bush!

P.S. Dear Alex: no photos of me I'm afraid – not deliberate, I'm just always holding the camera! Will attempt to take self portrait this week so you can appreciate 28-week-pregnant tum! (Besides, my lovely friend Coralie in the pics above is so much more photogenic!!)


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