Do you know I almost didn't hit 'publish' on that post last night. I couldn't quite say what I wanted to say. Then I log in today and there you all are, making incredible thoughtful and intelligent and heartfelt comments about the article (comments way more intelligent than my post), and I'm reminded that this strange old blog land is one lovely flowing community of like-minded people.

That's why you're here. At this particular url. And me too. And I'm so grateful for that.

Which brings me to today.

Oh dear.


They love her, really.


She loves them. I'm sure she does.


But really, who would be a third child?


Except that this game was so fun for everyone, and just made me so glad to be here for it.

(And that's a soft toy at velocity right above the baby's head, for any DOCS case workers or grandfathers who might be stopping by…)



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