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Night Critters by hsinping 

I discovered myself out on a limb a few weeks ago when I was talking to a super creative friend – a quilter, crafter, sewer extraordinaire (in fact, note to self, I must photograph some of Jodi's creations for you, my children are often the lucky recipients) – and I discovered she'd never heard of Etsy.

Spoiler: If you're not already wasting precious hours on, don't click through this link. Don't embrace it. If you never start, you'll never miss it.

Who am I kidding. This site rocks. It's the creative eBay. The online market for all things handmade. I adore it. 

This print above I may have just ordered a few days ago – so excited. I actually first saw it on Loobylu (thanks Claire!) and waited until the artist put another print of it in her shop. 

Right now I'm also loving:


Cassandra Allen 

Luiza Vizoli

I love love love this bag:

Eight Seasons 

Fabric magnets (I am a total sucker for owls)

 Paper Pumpkin

And check out this fantastic ring (I also have a thing about 'snowflakes' - 

particularly in the form of special individual unique children)

Actually this is probably my favourite ring on Etsy right now:

Firefall Studios 

I love just about everything in their shop. Sigh.

Anyway. There's a diversion if you like it! I'm a big folk art fan, type in 'folk art' to the Etsy search and lose a few good hours. Marvellous stuff.


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