Family album

As you know, I love photos. I love taking them, I love looking at them, don't particularly love being in them.

There was a photographer called Ray Henning who was a friend of my Dad's many years ago. He was an amateur photographer and we are uber lucky that he took his camera and caught many photos of Dad, his brother, their Dad, the farm, in ways that without Ray Henning we never would have seen.

Long live the photographer.


Dad on top, Uncle Doug strapping the load, Grandpa heaving the bail. 1959.

Dad foxground

Dad waving, Grandpa driving. Foxground, circa 1959.

Grandpa walkers

Grandpa, sewing or fertilizing? Walker's farm. Buena Vista on the hill behind him.

Dad dairy

Dad, having afternoon tea, looking out of the door of the dairy (at his dog, he said.) May, 1960.

Getting out my camera. Taking more photos. 



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