family business


Some days my family drives me nuts. NUTS.

And some days (more days) I marvel at them, wondering how I struck it so lucky. (Adam will tell you it wasn't luck, it was my little black singlet. I don't remember it. I was dreadfully hungover the day I met him.)




My Mum showed up in the commercial kitchen today, where I was slogging away on my own, right at the moment I was about to keel over. She counted biscuits and cleaned up for me. So awesome.




I smell like a biscuit and there's caramel stuck to my knuckles. (Buena Vista Farm Bikkies will be at Gerringong markets this Saturday if you're in the area. Come and nibble a sample!)

And before I fall asleep at this desk, I just wanted to take a moment to be grateful for family. 

I hope you have one that you like. 



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