farm chores day

I was reading (actually re-reading) this post from Alison of This Blooming Life today. I had never heard this Victorian household chores ryhme in it's whole form before:

Monday is Washing Day
Tuesday is Ironing Day
Wednesday is Sewing Day
Thursday is Market Day
Friday is Cleaning Day
Saturday is Baking Day
Sunday is the Day of Rest

How seductively straightforward. I'm with Alison, I struggle to do one single thing at once and often feel like I'm leaping from task to chore to child to dinner to baby to task. Of course I don't envy (at all) the women who had to spend an entire day doing washing by hand, because it took that long. Walking all the way to and from the market. Cleaning all day on their hands and knees. 

Thursday, among other things, is Bikkie delivery day here, where I deliver orders. It's also a school day, a pre-school day, the pick up the box from the food co-op day, a bookkeeping day, a gardening day, a cleaning washing mending shopping baking day. And if Adam isn't here, I do the farm chores too. (They're my favourite bit.) He's here today, so I followed him around instead. 

Feed the chooks.



Collect the eggs.

(So thrilled that an Isa Brown has begun laying, we've finally got multicoloured eggs! Yay!)

Feed the pigs.



Feed the other pigs we've now moved over to our next door neighbours'. They're borrowing them to dig up their vegie garden.



Stop and say hello to next door's new baby turkey. 



Feed our baby meat chicks. Look at those wing feathers coming in!



Blessed be the peaceful co-workers.

Feeding animals. 

Straightforward. Daily. And even better if someone else is doing the jobs and you are swanning around with a camera going, 'just stay there one more minute honey! I just want to go get a photo of the cow next door.'


I love these days.


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