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I seem to have forgotten how to take a picture. Or maybe where my camera is. Yesterday's photos were all from my iPhone (you could probably tell) and I thought I might post something prettier today, but it's very late and I've lost all my words. 
1. I think the soil in my raised beds might not be sandy enough for carrots? They're all magestically wonky.
2. Today I declared: if this sourdough does not rise I'm CHUCKING OUT MY STARTER and going back to yeasted bread. That's IT. And this, the 'sponge', twelve hours later turned into a lovely risen loaf. As if it heard me. 
3. The extra spinach plants, planted next to the chicken house, are twice as big as those in the house veggie patch. Weird.
4. The hayshed.
5. The veggie patch. Which I've suggested we triple in size. I know. Who would want to live with me. No one. All I do is dream up jobs and mention duck enclosures. Incessantly. 
6. Two days old. Thought you'd like to check in on 'em. No losses. Doing beautifully thanks.
Today I checked the pigs and there were four piglets missing. That's quite a lot. They'd gotten through TWO fences into the next green paddock, wee rogues, and came scampering back, through both fences, when I called. 
Today I supplied bikkies to my first ever cafe, hooray!
Today I bagged Marry Me Caramels for press kits for a local restaurant launch we're involved with this weekend. The bikkies are a minor component, one of our pigs and our eggs are on the menu. Free range chickens too, when they're grown up.
Today I got to drink wine and eat cheese with a South Australian aunt and uncle I don't often see, which was a treat.
Today I tried awesomely expensive callebaut white chocolate and decided the white chocolate we're currently using in the bikkies is actually great quality and delicious and we'll stick with it. 
Today my two year old said, "Where's my drink bottle, I'm thirsty", which unless you have a two year old might not strike you as a detailed sentence.
Today I referred to a breed of pig as a "great white" instead of "large white" and gave one local farmer good reason to believe I was an idiot, easily mistaking pigs for sharks.
Today was a good day. Hope yours was too?

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