:: Celebrating sweet small person moving from not feeding, needing to be constantly carried and very obviously utterly miserable to small sweet person with a headcold. I think she may have had a dreadful sore throat yesterday, today she's just snotty but peaceful. And feeding. (Important in a Walmsley.)

:: Writing lists of handmade Christmas gift ideas, inspired by this post over at Soulemama. I've got a few ideas: dresses or skirts for small girls, stencilled T-shirts or pyjama pants  for boys, maybe a beanie or two if I can get the damn gauge right. (I've blogged too many beanie stuff ups here already.) Pickles or jam? Caramel, chocolate hazelnut truffles or Peppermint bark? SO MUCH FUN. 

People have so much stuff they don't want, already. The whole idea of the big commercial Christmas, exchanging more stuff that no one needs makes me very uncomfortable. Short of giving everyone a goat, which is earnest but not so much fun, I'm going to put my head down and make some things. Any ideas?

:: Nibbling on honey jumbles. Recipe from here. The kids like them with the crazy egg white and sugar pink and white icing – but it's sugar that's not necessary for these soft and delicious bikkies. Love them. 

:: Bubala is celebrating her first giveaway! Go join in!

:: Celebrating fish! Squirming about the fact that fishfood is made out of fish. But celebrating anyway. 


(That's Matilda introducing her beloved billy goats to the fish. Billy goats, from Gran, a set of three to tell the story with, are travelling with her everywhere presently. Today they were in her 'precious jewels' box, and are now in bed. Dedicated billy goats.)

Are you feeling at all festive yet? (Er, October's not too early is it?!)


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