fine for YOU to laugh


Henry: (To me, while in the car, Adam driving.) How did the baby get in your tummy?

Me: *cough* Really? We're having that conversation?

Henry: (steely-eyed) But how?

Me: Daddy put it there. 

Henry: Daddy, how did you do that?

Adam: (straight-faced) Mummies and daddies have special cuddles and that's how babies get into mummies tummies. (Yes he used the expression special cuddles. My take away coffee was coming out my nose about now.)

Henry: Do you cut a hole in the tummy to get the baby in?

Adam: A very reasonable question Henry, but no, daddies make baby seed and put it in mummies.

Henry: Baby seed?

Adam: Baby seed. 

Henry: Can I make baby seed? I want to make baby seed.

Adam: (Still straight faced. I've given up on the coffee as I'm currently seriously choking.) You can make baby seed when you're a grown up. 

Henry: Can I make baby seed with you, Daddy?

Adam: No, that's not how it works. Hey Henry, look at that interesting car over there! Isn't it interesting!

Henry: I want to make baby seed.

Adam: I have to pull over. Your mother has inhaled her coffee. That's enough about baby seed. 

Henry: Can we have one more baby? We need a boy baby. There are three girls and two boys in this family. We need a boy baby. 

Adam: No more babies, Henry. Get used to being outnumbered, dude. Honey, put the cup down. Deep breaths. OK? Let's go.



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