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So we quietly rode out the vicious heatwave on Tuesday, where temperatures reached the mid forties and the chickens sweltered.

Adam was busy giving the pigs mud baths and making sure the chickens, layers and meat birds, had enough shade and cool water (hens won't drink warm water.) He did an excellent job, we didn't lose a single one.

We layed low and played in the sprinkler and the blow up pool. And at dinner time we abandoned the house and lolled around in our nearby sea pool, in the shade, for the most blessed cool relief imaginable. Half the town was in that wonderful rock pool. 

And we rolled on into a much cooler day the following day, and a very fun sixth birthday for our lovely lively energetic bonkers pussycat. A cat party, of course, with a few favourite friends and lots of craft and a bit of a treasure hunt. It was great fun. 






And tonight Adam is on an overnight crew fighting the fires down at Wandandian. 

There are relief brigades taking the place of the crews working all day, and they'll fight the fires overnight and come back home in the morning. 

Dad didn't go tonight, although I think he wanted to, which is great for me because for the life of me I can't remember which chicken feed is which. 

My heart goes out to everyone displaced by these fires, and to all the other families of fireys waiting at home. 

Meanwhile, happy birthday to our nutso snowflake who we love to pieces. Six years old. Holy crapola. How fast did that go? We adore you, Tilds. You brighten up the world.







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