following the breadcrumbs



There's something a little bit magic about a gingerbread house. The longevity of the gingerbread, mostly. It's crazy – it lasts and lasts and still tastes great. 

Gingerbread is a business I wish I was in. 

And the house building at Christmas time. Essential Christmas revelry. 


(Everything is more fun with Gran.)







No, I didn't make this from scratch.

I didn't even make the icing. 

Mum came home with a package from a Blue Mountains company and we just stuck it together. 

Next year I'd like to make my own (Mum has a book, with patterns and recipes), but this year I've kinda left everything to the last minute and am disastrously behind in my gift making plans, so this was a perfect project!

We're skating down the hill to the end of the school term and there's so much fun Christmas cooking to do! Truffles! Shortbreads! Puddings! All sorts of treats. 

The tree is up. The advent calenders are out. The Christmas storybooks are in high rotation. 

Another week and I'll be hiding Rudolph and possibly in wrapping fatigue (if I can get anything finished to wrap) but right now I'm soaring on the wings of Google looking for a good mince pie recipe.

Got one?

Or any Christmas traditions to share?


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