Food for kids week: break in the program

The minute you confidently announce you're running a week of good food-for-kids ideas you should know it'll fall apart.

You may have noticed I haven't posted a 'day 5' yet (ie Friday.) That's because yesterday was day 2 of shocking sleep deprivation (today is day 3) with Miss M.D. demonstrating an inability to settle back to sleep after 3.30am. 

So last night at 5pm I suggested my true backup (other than pasta, resorted to on day 4) which is packing up the kids and combining the adventure of picking Daddy up from work with dinner at IKEA. 

Works a treat. 

Adam had his doubts about me driving at all (good cause to) but we made it safely, we ordered meatballs and schnitzel, and paid a total of about $14 for four meals. Plus it's airconditioned and Sydney is experiencing a heatwave (not unrelated to Tilly's sleeping issues.)


We're back on track for 'day 5' tonight notwithstanding the fatigue so see you later!


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