Food for kids week: Day 4

Oh dear. 

In the spirit of honest disclosure I'm not going to fudge it. 

I did not feed my children a balanced dinner of vegetables and protein tonight. 

In fact they were lucky dinner was cooked at all (and not a sandwich.)

*Cough*. Here is what they got:


Oh yes. Not even good quality pasta. And what happened to my from scratch resolution? Matilda Daisy. That's what happened. At 4am this morning. In fact it may have still been in the threes. Wide awake, unable to settle herself or be settled back to sleep. Up and at 'em. 

(Have I impressed on you how much I am NOT a morning person? So not. Particularly when it is still nighttime.)

So, a strong espresso at 9am. Two of these at 10am:

 Emergency chocolate peanut butter cups. When you live in a country without Reese's. 

Melt milk chocolate and peanut butter together in the microwave. Stir well, spoon into micro mini cupcake papers and refrigerate until firm. Really totally awesome. (Note: don't use quality nut-only peanut butter. Has to be the old commercial Kraft-type stuff with requisite salt and sugar to really make these babies sing.)

So by 6pm tonight with no napping available, this is all I was up for.


There were altercations over the cheese:


And I permitted (diluted) apple juice with curly whirly straws in my weakened state:

And guess who, at day's end, is still bright as a button?

Sandpit sand all over her neck, paint under her fingernails… couldn't she at least pretend to be as knackered as I feel?

Adam and I are ordering pizza.


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