Food for kids week: Day 5

Truly, could you do a kids-focussed meal plan (for a meat-eating household) and not include these?

Again with the mashed potato but I'm a tad strung out on sleeplessness and sometimes you just have to roll out something you know will be gobbled up, no discussion. 

I'm really lucky to have a lovely butcher up the road who makes preservative-free sausages to order. He makes suggestions for flavouring – anything you can think of – these ones just have a bit of sea salt and parsley and spring onion. Some breadcrumbs and great quality beef and that's it. So yummy. 

One likes hers chopped:

 The other likes his whole:


A bit of a walk around the neighbourhood after dinner and they are both showered, storied and tucked up, sound asleep. I'm optimistic about an undisturbed night. (I am daftly naive though.)

The heat has broken in Sydney and we have a blissful cool southerly through the house. 

Hope the weather is kind wherever you are, and the food gratefully received. It's the little things, really.


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