food for mothers

Perhaps if I hadn't had the two days I've had, I'd write a lovely metaphorical "food for mothers" post about soul food, about what nurtures those who nurture, yada yada. 


Nope. THIS is what I'm talkin' about:


I judge people on the icecream they serve. Unashamedly. 

Maybe it comes from growing up on a dairy farm and having access to awesome creamy icecream out of our local dairy coop as a kid. I have low tolerance for dire crappy icecream. GOOD icecream, though? Food of the gods.

This (above) is not homemade. Sorry. No icecream recipe today. If I'd had time to make icecream in the last two days, I wouldn't have had time to:

– Spend at least four complete hours hanging out in the bathroom with one or other child. Waiting to wipe someone's bum. I'm doing something wrong here;

– Have a meeting with a potential new client who told me she didn't want to know about my needing to make childcare arrangements to be able to come and do her bookkeeping in school holidays next week, and was I going to become just one more thing she had to worry about? (I politely declined the job. You'd be proud at how effing polite I was);

– Administer antibiotics to a 2 yo with a marvellous ear infection;

– Smile happily when lovely husband returned home from unauthorised interior furnishing shopping spree with a lamp I'm really not sure I can live with. (Eek);

– Chuck the cleaning and the tidying and watch Little Mermaid on the couch with both kids this afternoon; and 

– Do the grocery shopping tonight, after 8pm, no kids, at my favourite funky Leichhardt supermarket, listening to my ipod. 

See, if I'd MADE the icecream and not bought it I would have missed out on so much. 

Connoisseur Vanilla, by the way, pretty damn delicious. Not quite Ben and Jerry's, (i.e. top of the food chain in icecream magic and sadly not available in Australia – a business opportunity singing out to us?!) but still very very good. 

Hope you're all wonderful.


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