food with old friends just tastes better

Sun17may 005

Brunch made by our beloved Canberrans, Jodie and Andrew! 

My fella, Adam, has a talent for hanging onto friends. (Bodes well for me, I figure.) Some of his oldest pals – Gill, Jodie & Andrew – he was in kindergarten with, and we had a gorgeous couple of days hanging out with them and their families this weekend in Canberra. 

Below are Andrew's Bretzels, which I'm definitely going to try to make because Henry adored them and it's hard to get him to eat anything bread-like. These were gorgeous big pretzel-like things, apparently served everywhere in Germany (Jode & Andrew having only recently returned from living there for a time.)

Sun17may 001
Bretzels – YUM.

Josh and Andrew and I went hunting and gathering at Fishwyck markets and found THE BEST mashing potato on the planet – organic Dutch Creams.

Sun17may 011
Dutch Creams

And with all the fabulous food on offer, what did Tilly have? 

Sun17may 010
Prefect brunch.

Hope you all had a marvellous weekend too! xxx

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