What is going ON?

I cannot seem to remember my own name. 

So, first, last week, I rock up to work without my laptop. This equipment is kinda crucial to my role. I couldn't even pretend. I had to look blank-faced at my boss and tell him I was going home again. And not coming back. (It's a bit of a commute and I only work in school hours.) Luckily he's awesome and told me he'd done the same thing last month (I didn't believe him but really, what a nice man.)

Then I turn up at sister Suzie's house on Sunday without the afternoon tea I'd promised to bring. Totally forgot about it. She was obviously trying to figure out how to ask whether I'd brought anything as planned and eventually quietly whipped up a batch of muffins for the five hungry children. And me. Who really didn't deserve one. 'Cept she's awesome too and assured me it was no big deal. 

Then I made brownies last night and left out the sugar. The SUGAR. Out of the brownies. Inedible. In the bin. 

So tonight I promised myself I'd concentrate really hard while making these:

Some chocolate cupcakes (butter cake recipe with 1 cup cocoa and a chocolate and cream frosting) for my divine neighbours who are celebrating two birthdays today, Mum and newly-seventeen-year-old (our favourite babysitter.) 

Amazingly I didn't forget their joint birthday (Henry remembered too) and the whole family is coming around shortly for coffee and cake. 

Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything else.

Parents in law arrive tomorrow. Check. 

Easter hat parade at school on Thursday. Check.

Camping over Easter with friends. MAY have forgotten that our blowup mattress is at Mum and Dad's. 27 weeks pregnant and sleeping on the ground. Hopefully won't forget my sense of humour. 


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