Fox and chicken

I saw the fox today. 

Up close.

I heard distressed chicken-squawking and dropped the washing basket and ran outside. There he was, snapping at the tail fathers of one of my hens. I shouted and ran at him, and he backed up maybe one step and stood and looked at me for a minute. Obviously figured I was weaponless and toothless and almost took a hen by the neck right in front of me. 

I shouted some more and did some insane arm waving and he ran off into the bushes. 

I then raced around like a chook checking for a feather trail and counting, you know, my chickens. Only eight (from ten). But that was one hungry fox, as yet un-fed. Finally Adam found the two stragglers hanging out with next door's geese at the back of their block. We herded them safely back into their yard.

And then I made a strong cup of tea. 

Cheeky, gorgeous fox. Really the most beautiful animal. 

Got to get a dog. 


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