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I was admiring the biggest garden bed of pumpkins I've ever seen growing domestically a week or so ago, and my friend Vanessa, amazing gardener, said most of the seeds were saved from last year's pumpkins.

I love that. 

So when I accidentally paid $8 for an organic pumpkin last week (I know, FAR OUT), I neurotically washed the seeds. Adam chucked them out (into the chook food) and I retrieved them. Ivy tipped them out of the sieve they were drying in (I'd taken it outside as they were not properly washed and were attracting drain flies) and I painstakingly picked them all up again.

I washed them properly this time and am letting them dry for a few weeks before storing them for planting this year. My future pumpkins may be 'free' as long as we don't put a value on time and labour, right?




Did you know you can grow leeks from the bottom bit you discard? And carrots from carrot tops? I haven't yet, but Vanessa told me and she is my guru. Those leeks above might have been sitting waiting for a pot for a day or two too long… Thought I'd give a beet a go while I was there. Nothing ventured, you know.

I was given four tiny tomato plants a few weeks ago. 

Check them out! I should have photographed a small child lost in the tomato wilderness to give perspective.





My tomatos/triffids are just starting to yield. 





I'm disproportionately excited about my own (free) tomatos. 

Love a tomato.

Smashed to smithereens and slow simmered into pizza sauce, sliced with sea salt and olive oil, diced into a summer salad, or halved and roasted and served with eggs. Mmmmm. Anyone hungry?


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