free range kids

So what do you think? Heard of this lady? 

I totally get what she's saying, and part of what really hits home with me is the need to teach kids self-reliance. But I'd struggle to let a small person find their own way home. 

I love the idea of providing 'safe' freedom for kids to explore and learn, and I don't want to be guilty of infantalising children when they're not infants, or being a 'helipcopter parent'. However, I also don't want my kids to grow up too soon, and if I'm aware of risks, how can I possibly put my children in the way of them, however minor? 

Your thoughts?

Adventure is in the genetic makeup of my three, thanks to Adam. Mister can I climb it, paddle down it, jump off it, ride through it? He searches out city parks that have at least a tiny bit of adventure – tall things the kids can climb, wobbly things they might fall off. Big slippery dips. 


He despairs the removal of those enormous metal rockets from council playgrounds circa 1985. 

Saturday morning was HOT in Sydney. So we found some water to play in. 


I hadn't thought to pack swimmers (or spare clothes) of course. 


 Oh well, they don't look very wet at all. 




They slipped over. There were scratches and there are bruises. They had a ton of fun. 

In a way I wish I could let my kids be more free-range. I think independence is exhilarating and great for self esteem. Just not sure I could ever leave an eight year old in a shopping mall to make his own way home by train. You?



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