Friday What’s Hot + What’s Not


What's Hot in This House:

* We are. Really hot. Could be back in Brisbane!! 36 degrees today according to BOM. Phew! It's 8.30pm and it's still horribly muggy. (So kinda a not-hot, really.)

* Lovely purple toenails (a girls-of-the-house specialty). Should have a photo, sorry, but too busy toenail-painting!

* Winnie the Pooh. The original A A Milne book and a DVD. Both super hot. 

* Kindergarten induction. First day today. Hot for Henry, not so hot for Tilly who desperately wanted to stay in the classroom and not have to go meet other lovely parents with boring old Mum.

* My mum. Who spent three days with us this week hanging out with Henry (who is still off preschool) while I went to work. 

* MOST HOT is the end of my first giveaway, 'They Call me Naughty Lola'……Using a random number generator here, the winner was comment # 17 by Reemski:

God, that sounds like something I need right now. A good laugh!

Thanks to everyone who commented, that was excellent fun!

What's not hot

* Mozzies. Although grateful that Sydney mozzies don't carry the nasties of some places!

* Sleepyheads. We're all, the whole family, carrying a bit of a sleep debt.

* Appetites. Looking forward to some nutrition improvement in small children next week!

Hope your HOT list is longer than your NOT list too. Always a good thing.

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