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While some of you might already be following along on Facebook or Instagram, I thought I might do a Friday download of the pictures of the week. 

Happy Friday, lovely folk xx

PicMonkey Collage1
Clockwise: The market garden cultivated, ready to go. ## 3kg of freshly roasted coffee beans, thank Adman ## Slow fast food for dinner – jacket potatoes with homemade sour cream, salsa and cheddar. Yum! ## Transplanting the fruit trees down to the edge of the market garden. 


PicMonkey Collage2
Clockwise: Our pork, sage and fennel sausages sold out in a morning at Gerringong markets, 100kg worth! ## New residents in the brooder room. Healthy and curious. ## Full moon. ## I love how they throw their heads back to drink. 


PicMonkey Collage3
Clockwise: I'm becoming obsessed with icy parsley and lemon juice. A better pick me up than coffee. Did I actually say that out loud? ## Kids afternoon tea of choice – homemade hummus and carrot sticks. ## Middle sized meat birds out of the hoop house, with a guardian rooster! ## After completely losing my sourdough-baking mojo, I think it might finally be returning. 


PicMonkey Collage4
Clockwise: Digging the trench for the asparagus crowns. ## Water! For the market garden!! ## Adman looking particularly fetching wearing an asparagus crown. ## Gorgeous aged horse poo from a local stable makes amazing compost, get ya roots into that, asparagus. 

2 Comments on “On the phone

August 25, 2013 at 5:20 pm

Oh look at all that lovely dirt ready to go!!!

August 26, 2013 at 5:42 pm

What a busy and delightful week you’ve had. Gives me hope for the future of food!


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