recipe for frozen yoghurt

So we have a bit of yoghurt here – I've kinda gotten into making it in a big way. Once you get the hang of it it's dead easy and makes itself, mostly. Culture and all that.

Anyway, we were out of icecream so I thought – wonder what happens if you churn yoghurt? 

I have an icecream maker (wedding present) but you could do it with beaters just as easily. 

This is the first one I made:

Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt

500g strawberries (2 x Australian punnets)

half cup sugar

2 cups yoghurt


Stir the sugar through the strawberries and leave for an hour to soften the fruit.

Then stir through yoghurt and put into icecream maker and churn for half an hour or so. 

Alternatively, whizz up with handbeaters (or a whisk if you are totally insane and have stronger arms than me) and semi freeze then whizz again. 

The yoghurt I use is my homemade stuff but any nice thick yoghurt would work. I'd go greek-style rather than natural and steer clear of low fat. (Too icicle-y I'd guess.)

So simple. So yummy.

Here was number two:

Photo hurriedly taken before someone scooped up the last scoop!

Passionfruit frozen yoghurt

2 cups yoghurt

half cup sugar

pulp of 4 fresh passionfruit


Mix all ingredients and churn in icecream maker for about half an hour. Freeze. Enjoy. Hide from children and husband. 

I reckon it's better than icecream. 


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